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Solar Energy Las Vegas specializes in working with you from the very start of your project, to the end of your project and beyond. As solar energy consultants, this leaves us free to speak freely with you about any aspect of your system including the hardware, and it enables us to assist you in an unbiased manner in your selection of an installation contractor. No matter how complex the topic, all communication with you will be conducted in plain English – guaranteed.

We always try to go “above and beyond” what’s expected. We do our best to anticipate any issues before they arise, and address them before they become a problem for you.

When it comes to residential pool heating, Solar Energy Las Vegas provides homeowners with the best solar option available today.

Our specialized system is extremely durable, energy efficient, freeze resistant, virtually maintenance-free and designed to withstand extremely strong winds. An energy efficient design provides pool heating in Las Vegas, and thanks to the reliability, efficiency and durability of its state-of-the-art system, you can entertain, exercise and create great memories, worry free.

Solar Energy

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Solar Energy Incentives

The benefits of going solar includes: Saving thousands of dollars on your bills, receiving a 26% federal government tax credit and more.


Pool Heating Products

Our solar pool heating system has a patented design that heats your pool reliably, to a comfortable temperature for zero cost.



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Solar Energy Las Vegas is a fully independent solar and renewable energy consulting, design, and engineering firm.

We realize you have many choices within the solar energy industry among solar energy firms, design engineers, installation contractors, and others. We believe we can qualify ourselves to you in one sentence: We’ve been involved in solar energy since 1998.

We consult, advise, design solar energy systems, teach, diagnose problems, and much more. We routinely go “above and beyond,” performing extra steps on your behalf to help ensure the success of your project.

We know solar energy so well we can translate any aspect of your project into plain English, understandable by all. Have questions? We’ll be glad to provide answers in a manner YOU can understand.

By the way, did you know you can also save on other home improvement upgrades? Be sure to ask us about how you can get a central air conditioning system, a new roof, double pane windows, insulation, appliances and more without spending any money out of pocket.


We deliver energy that’s good for our environment, our community, and your wallet.

Join us today as we shine the light on a path to an affordable energy solution.

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